Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gel-Sol: Plunder a Raging Moon

(album photo by Franklin Jenkins)

Happy Holidaze from yer pal, Gel-Sol!

Well, it's been a productive 2010, and I'm pleased as punch to present my latest release, Plunder a Raging Moon! Over an hour of Plunderphonic insanity, this album is a non-stop, stream of consciousness barrage of crappy movie samples and other audio snippets. It's fun to mess with people's heads, you know?

I must mention something important regarding this piece, and Plunderphonics in general. If you do not pay attention to what's going on, YOU WILL NOT LIKE IT. I'm not saying you will like it if you do pay attention, but chances are the piece will make more sense if you do. I know "paying attention" is particularly difficult in this fast-paced, A.D.D. world we live in, but I personally see this as a problem. As a result of people not listening "to" music, they listen "at" music, and in turn we have all this shitty music out there that overshadows more deserving music (I stole that first part from Robert Fripp, but he said it better than me). Of course there's other factors that contribute to shitty music, but I won't get into it…for now.

My point is that if you sit down with the sole purpose of listening to music, you will be rewarded more than if the music is there to compliment a more "important" purpose. Whichever path you decide to take, you will probably think I'm a jerk. I can assure you that I am not. With that said, share Plunder a Raging Moon with your friends and enemies! Share links of it on your Facebook page! Tweet about it, I don't fucking care! But most importantly, listen to it. If you can't make it through the whole thing, that's ok…there's already tons of pussies on this planet, so you should fit right in.

Oh yeah, this is VERY NSFW.

If you'd like to donate some money to yer pal, Gel-Sol, please click the PayPal link below or PayPal me at An incredible amount of time went into putting this thing together, and I am an unemployed sack of shit. I also have several other Gel-Sol freebies at, including Gel-Sol's Adventures Beyond the Plunderworld, and various Gel-Sol live shows I've recorded over the years.

Thanks and enjoy! Have a sooper holiday season and a fantastic new year!

Plunder a Raging Moon (mp3)

Yer Pal,


Chris Haines said...

Fudge yeah! Downloading now.... listening soon. :)

kakupacal said...

Mr. Butane would be proud that you are carrying the torch onwards and downwards.

Oh, and Jebus loves you n' shit.

Anonymous said...

very very good. Just listened again.

travis said...

genius! you should definitely send this to the SubGenius Hour of Slack

Ergo Phizmiz said...

Very, very good indeed! Marvellous!

Anonymous said...

rubbing my hands already!