Tuesday, October 5, 2010

KIDS FOR TOMORROW - NEQUA (new album from my other project)

I'm a little late on this one, but earlier in the year Upstairs Recordings released the second album from my Kids For Tomorrow side-project. The album is called Nequa, and is a continuous ambient/experimental journey sculpted out of improv sessions from the previous year. My main co-conspirator for this release was Nils Whitmont, who can rock the sandals/sock combination like no other. He left the city to go be responsible or something...hopefully he'll come to his senses and come back to Seattle someday. Other collaborators include William Mempa, who was on the first KFT release Deployer, Chris Haines aka Crispy aka Leave Trace, and Scott Johnson, all-around jack-of-all-medias.

I'm not really gonna try to describe the album. It's kinda weird. There's little sections that go into other little sections, but sometimes they go into bigger sections. It's definitely not yer typical pop song format, or long epic piece sort of thing. The album (like most of my releases) is meant to be listened to as a whole. So yeah, check it out!

Nequa was released digitally by the fine people at Upstairs Recordings in Vancouver. You can get Nequa through iTunes, eMusic.com, Zunior.com and Beatport.com

And feel free to check out a sample from Nequa here:

Chun Quoit (mp3)

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