Sunday, August 1, 2010

Gel-Sol's K8EMA drops September 6th!!!

Sup Fuckers!

You ready to Rock?!?!? Yeah, neither am I. I mean I am, but I got this new ambient album coming out. YOU READY TO CHILL?!?!?! Good.

So yeah, new album. It's called K8EMA and was written for my second niece, Katelyn Mae. She's a cutie. And what better way is there to mold and shape a young child's mind than some extremely tripped-out psychedelic music from yer pal, Gel-Sol? Cuz I don't know.

Check out the cover:

I made that shit! The music sounds like that too, which is of course BADASS. Ok, it might not be badass, but it's pretty cool. I'm trying to promote here!

Here's the tracklisting:

01. Abyssinia
02. K8EMA
03. Spirit Guide
04. Glade
05. Halo of Stars
06. Peacetime Fortress
07. The Mechanical Garden
08. Panta Rhei
09. Gel's Hole
10. Energy Pools
11. Last

K8EMA drops on September 6th, 2010 through Keith Downey and the fine people of Psychonavigation Records in Dublin. They have a hell of roster, so you should check them out!

K8EMA is also available for pre-order through Darla Records:

and Ear/Rational (currently the month's top seller!)

You can also check out the K8EMA album sampler via Soundcloud!
K8EMA album sampler by Gel-Sol

So yeah, buy K8EMA today and be the first on yer block to brag to all yer friends, family and neighbors that you have some ambient cd that nobody really listens to! K8EMA will also be available digitally through iTunes, Beatport, (Warp Records) and a few other online shops...

And I'll try to blog more in the future. I totally forgot to post the new Kids For Tomorrow album (Nequa) that we finished up in the spring. It's a crazy ambient album too!

Yer Pal,


Anonymous said...

Mate,that sounds lovely,as does all your music.Really looking forward to your new album.

Love,light and happiness.

Knut Frøyen said...

Can't find it at iTunes or Beatport yet ..