Saturday, February 7, 2009

SKUB: New Gel-Sol track.

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IFM-006 : Left Coast Sampler

Various Artists

Welcome to the left coast, where Innerflight Music has one ear to the underground, listening for the best in heady electronica to bring to your dj mixes and playlists. Our diverse music sampler gives you a taste of what's to come in the future at Innerflight. We invite you to get lost within Gel-Sol's world of ambience; get bombed by Nick Douglas' in-your-face bass; get minimal with Mynus; and then make your great escape with the one and only novaTRON.

Innerflight Music – IFM-006 - Gel-Sol – Skub – Original Mix - Chill Out
Gel-Sol takes you to a seashore somewhere in deep space, immersing the ears in warm, foamy eddies of resonance. A textured bassline and evocative overlapping melodies bob on the shimmering surface of ebbing and flowing tidal synths; washing in this new track from Seattle's resident expert in cosmic soundscapes.

Innerflight Music – IFM-006 - Nick Douglas – The UnaSampler – Original Mix - Tech House
'The Unasampler' puts the best of both worlds into one startlingly explosive little package. Intelligent track progression with creative drum programming for the heads combine with a stompy bassline and irresistible stuttering rhythm for the dancers. All wrapped up with electrified synths and felicitous samples make for one banger of a house floor stomper.

Innerflight Music – IFM-006 - Mynus – Ish – Original Mix - Tech House
Without question, a dark and dirty dance track for dirty dancing nightcrawlers. However, with this minimal techno sparkplug the devil is in the details. A faint faraway vox echoes beneath the beat, providing a unique sense of depth and a spooky emotional vibrance while a wobbly, pumping bassline neatly cleans up after the ravaging breakdown.

Innerflight Music – IFM-006 - novaTRON – The Heist – Original Mix - Breaks
Hotter than burning rubber, 'The Heist' makes you an accomplice in a warped high-speed aural getaway from the left coast to the far east. With a precise blending of action-theme flavored funk, hypnotic flutes and tribal percussion, The Heist is a sneak preview of what NovaTRON is bringin' in 2009.

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Can't wait for a new whole album!!!